All of the information about your created order is available in your personal account in the Exchange tab. 

Order ID is a unique address of your order. If any questions occur, it is preferred that you indicate order ID in your request. This will help our employee to quickly navigate the issue and provide you with more specific information.

Additionally, you can view all the information yourself. For that, click on the order ID you are interested in with the left mouse button and use a scroll wheel to view all the information for your order.

Status "Processing" means that the transaction is on payment verification step, usually it takes 5-10 minutes. In the case the status did not change after this period, check your email. In the case of transaction suspension all users receive an alert in which the reason for the suspension of the transaction is indicated.

After the transaction has been executed and the exchange procedure is completed, the status will automatically be changed to "Completed".

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